Cangames 2012 Day 3

Speed Rally Day!  I thought I would try my game out on the last day, as I was unsure how many players I would get.  I ended up with three, a little disappointing considering how much work I put into it.  In my humble opinion, the track looked great and I did get a lot of interest in it, just not that many players.  I will run it again next year, but I will go for Saturday morning and try it out in the kid’s gaming area.  I think the subject matter might fit better as not everyone has a four-year old boy who made them watch Cars hundreds of times over the last few years.

Pre-race meeting

The trucks


President of the Elvis RV club standing beside the Jumbo-tron Screen

The fans in the podium and the dice-box garage

View from the cheap seats.

Rubbing is racing, son!

Leak-Less spins out in Turn 3, Al Oft films it all.

Aerial view of Turn 1, with the Jumbo-tron

Bumper Save crosses the finish line first!

The board was created from foam-core and whole lot of 4 lane printouts from the Speed Rally site.  I created the guard rail, stands and jumbo-tron using coloured foam-core.  The signage was all created from a variety of Cars fan sites and printed on to sticker paper.  Overall the track looked great, I’m kicking myself though, for not getting a few overview shots of the whole thing.

All in all, Cangames 2012 was great and I’m already planning a game from next year’s event: Apocalypse Averted.  I can already hear the zombies moaning in the distance!

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