Cangames 2012 Day 2

In previous years, I would have signed up for a game in the morning, and then spent the whole time dreaming about the marketplace.  But no more!  No matter how enticing the games might be at 10 am, I forgo them all and rush in with the initial charge and as always it pays off.  I need to update those figure totals, they’re way off now.

Overview of the Hall.  The Marketplace in the background, still beckons me…

There were several very eye-catching games that Saturday morning here are some shots:

Operation Varsity:  On Feb 25, 1945 the First Canadian Parachute Battalion was dropped beyond the Rhine River, five miles into Germany. Defended by elite German paratroopers, the DZ proved to be an extremely hazardous place. The area was caught in a triple crossfire from the West, North, & from a copse of trees in the middle of the DZ. Added to this was a jump in broad daylight. WWII skirmish using the Face of Battle rules (write-up borrowed from the Cangames Schedule).

A C-47 in trouble.

A Horsa glider on the ground. I won’t say landed, as I think that was a relative term with those things.

A nasty surprise for aircraft and troops alike.


Escape of the Sopwith: a World War I trench raid using last man standing rules.

British going over the top

Lewis gunner team

That afternoon…

Wanting to experience a western game I went with the Spaghetti Western, a homegrown game using characters from all the great westerns and using the basic plot of Once Upon a Time in the West.  The game mechanics were simple–each character has one action representing about a second in game time–and the board looked nice.  However, as with 99% of all large games (6+ players, in my opinion) there was a fair amount of time waiting for everyone to take their turn.  Playing as Angel Eyes at the far end of the table, it took some time to get into any action, I had allied myself with two friends so it took some time to get close enough to kill someone else…

The Harmonica claimed the first kill and many others after that.  The Ugly Tuco Ramirez was able to snag the “prize” and speed off the table.  Therein lay some of the difficulty with the game: overpowered characters.  Both these players had at least two cards in the deck and could (and did) move very quickly and cock, fire and reload very fast with very high numbers of dice to boot, whilst others could barely move or roll a single die on a target.  It became a bit frustrating being shot by somebody who could easily hit you and reload before you could even get a chance to move.  Perhaps giving the weaker characters more chances to act would counter the main character’s high shoot skills…

Angel Eye’s starting view of the ranch.

The Colonel and Angel Eyes take up position at the gate. Gun battle to ensue.

Harmonica with the first of many kills that day…


The Colonel’s first (and only) kill

The iconic shot of the three gunmen approaching the ranch. Cue the music…









Still one more day to go!

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