Cangames 2012 Day 1!

I just completed my first day of Cangames 2012!  I’ve been looking forward to this since Cangames 2011, it even started this blog–see New Year’s resolutions.  Unfortunately I was thrown into work at the last minute and missed my first game of the action at Chrysler’s Farm in the War of 1812, but I got a picture or two.

The game I missed. Darn it, there were lots of brightly coloured soldiers to play with!

The highlight so far was Bernard’s Empire Strikes Back game Fire and Ice–ironically, a Storm of Swords scenario was played beside us.  As Rogue 2 in Rogue Squadron I attempted to hold off the AT-ATs as long as I could, which as it turns out wasn’t very long.  I was able to fire my cable hook and get one pass around the lead AT-AT (the venerable Blizzard 1), and despite my attempt to play a flurry of cards to bring down the behemoth, I was brought down in the end.  Here is a glimpse of the action:

Imperial Walkers on the North Ridge!

I’m sure this shot is straight from the movie

Rogue 2 attempting to draw fire from Rogue 3.

The first successful tow cable deployment, by Rogue 2 (me!)

Cable Out!

My fate…

Rogue 3 takes down the first AT-AT, followed by a suitable victory roll.

Part of the rear echelon action against the marauding and semi-accurate walkers.

More Cangames Chaos and Carnage To Follow!

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