The numbers are in! And Yikes!

Well, I just finished counting most of my 28mm collection (metal and constructed plastic ones anyway) and wow, I’ve got a lot of stuff.  I don’t even want to think about plastics still on the sprue, or previously sorted out.

The Total:  1225

I’m pretty sure there are more in the garage…

About sethgw74

37 year old man obsessed with little plastic and metal men/women/orcs/goblins/ghosts/mice/tanks in modern/historical/futuristic settings. Attempts to roll dice to win a variety games and inevitably ends up rolling "1"s when he needs "6"s. View all posts by sethgw74

One response to “The numbers are in! And Yikes!

  • Birdman

    In the e-mail notification, the total was 582. When I opened the blog page it jumped up to 1225. Geez, you’re a fast counter!


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