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The numbers are in! And Yikes!

Well, I just finished counting most of my 28mm collection (metal and constructed plastic ones anyway) and wow, I’ve got a lot of stuff.  I don’t even want to think about plastics still on the sprue, or previously sorted out.

The Total:  1225

I’m pretty sure there are more in the garage…


The Last Chance Saloon

I’m looking at creating a campaign to try out Legends of the Old West.  I’m not really going with he historical approach with this, I’m thinking Hollywood and Spaghetti all the way.  All good westerns have a saloon in them and invariably a bar-fight breaks out, so what better way to set up tension between two opposing sides and the beginning of hostilities.  This is a great stepping stone; should the outlaws loose, the sheriff hauls one of the gang members off to jail and the next scenario is a breakout, if the outlaws get the drop on the sheriff and his deputies, a posse is formed, and they try to chase the outlaws out of town…

Reaper mini for scale. The piano is from MBA, although seems to be completely out of scale.

I wanted to create the bar as the scenery, so I have focused on the interior and left the exterior blank for now.  I purposely only built up the two sides, and will have a “cut-away” section for the other two sides.  A second floor is in the works, but I think the main action will take place on the barroom floor.  I am contemplating either building tables and chairs, or going the dollhouse furniture route.

The walls were decorated with some scribed lumber and the wall paper was from searching through scrap booking pages (dollhouse paper would have been nice, but I think we lost every single dollhouse store in the area).

Good detail of wall and chair rails.

The floorboards were fun, but messy to create.  A trip to the dollar store and a healthy dose of glue debonder and voila!  The coffee stirrers were cut and laid in a semi-random pattern, painted with acrylic paint and then sanded with 100 grit sandpaper.  I have been using movies for ideas and I’ve come to realize, they very rarely show the floors.  Using artistic licence, I assumed this owner slapped the boards down, splashed some paint on and opened for business.  Years of boots, beer, brawls and blood has worn the floors down to this:

Floor constructed with cheap coffee stirrers, painted with cheap acrylic paint and then attacked with 100 grit sandpaper. Spills and dirt to be added.

Comparison of treated and untreated floorboards. Left room is still undecided, I was thinking either storage or kitchen.

Pegasus Hobbies barrels, stored in the "wood room"

I like that one of the floorboards have popped up...

The bar will be created along the back wall. I'm thinking large mirror, with lots of bottles, and "risqué" paintings on the wall.

There will be a second level with 2 rooms and an office. The rooms will be for extra curricular activities. To follow: bar, tables, chairs and ambiance.