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Buying vs. Painting Totals 2012

Resolution #1:  Already begun before the new year!  How about that for success.  People have just suggested that I do this as a blog posting.  Easy enough and after staring at the admin site for a moment and wondering what the hell a widget was, you will now notice my totals on the right hand side. Now the extent of my addiction is there for all the world to see!
Basic Rules:
  1. I am counting my entire collection, not just starting with things I’ll buy this year.  Knowing me, I tend to jump around;  just because I bought it, doesn’t mean I’m running home to paint it.
  2.   Plastic parts are hard to count.  I have bits and pieces of all sorts of figures (mostly GW) lying around which I cannibalize for other things.  Should I count these things? No.
  3.  Multi-part plastic figures will be added as they are assembled.  Some unassembled figures may give up their lives for bigger and better projects.
  4.   This is only a record of  28mm stuff because that is what I’m doing these days.  So for those of you keeping score at home: No, the Epic Armageddon, Warmaster and Battlefleet Gothic sitting in the garage doesn’t count.  Neither does the shed full of 1/35 scale models. Or the collection of GHQ WWI ships…
  5. How to count terrain pieces?  I dunno.  I’ll deal with that when and if it happens.
Over the coming week I shall delve into the collection and figure out exactly how many figures I have floating around.  Expect big numbers.

Season’s Beatings!

the Christmas Spirit is alive and well at our house!

It’s that time of the year again when we all gather around with friends and family and wonder where the hell did these people  come from and am I really related to them.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

It is also the time for NEW YEAR”s RESOLUTIONS.  Hooray, a bunch of promises I make that I don’t keep.  Well this year is going to be different (same thing I said last year)!  Am I going to try to eat healthier?  Probably not.  Am I going to exercise more?  Who am I kidding.  So this year I decided to come up with hobby resolutions, ones that will be fun and easy to keep!

1.  Get a counter in the corner of the blog that shows the number of models I have vs. the models I’ve painted.  Expect negative numbers (models>finished work)!

2.  Run a game at Cangames this year.  I’m thinking Speed Rally Piston Cup.

3. Try at least 3 new painting techniques this year.  First one I’m thinking of  is the chipped paint technique with salt and hairspray.

4.  Continue to post on this blog with some regularity.  The whole idea of this blog was to share things, so I need to start sharing more!

5.  Run at least one campaign I have in mind.  Either Legends of the Old West or .45 Adventure…

6.  Cast a few things in either resin or Instant Mold.

7.  Photograph the trench.  Photograph figures.  Photograph games.

8.  Teach my son how to play board-games and practice taking turns.  Stealing the dice and knocking over the pieces is only cute for so long.

9.  Try to eat better and get more exercise.

There you go.  My year in neatly summarized in 8 easy steps.  Should be fun.  Happy New Year to all!