Photo Gallery of the Trench


Way back in Wargames Illustrated 235 (May 2007), Dave Andrews printed rules for a WW1 trench raid.  I read it, I enjoyed it, I obsessed about it and wanted to create my own.  The rules were easy; all you really needed were a deck of cards, some dice, a few figs and photocopies of the trench template provided.  Of course I couldn’t just do that, I had to create my own 3D trench and create a custom deck of cards!  Here is a gallery of several of the 6 inch by 6 inch modular boards I created.

Two trench raiders from the Great War Miniatures line

Trench warning sign is a photo, shrunk down to size and printed on sticker paper.

A side branch to reserve trenches

Water created with Envirotex Lite and a couple of washes of cheap acrylic paint

All in all, there are eight 6 by 6 boards with openings that are roughly the same spot on each of them so that I can create a different 4 foot trench for each game.

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37 year old man obsessed with little plastic and metal men/women/orcs/goblins/ghosts/mice/tanks in modern/historical/futuristic settings. Attempts to roll dice to win a variety games and inevitably ends up rolling "1"s when he needs "6"s. View all posts by sethgw74

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