Sorry, I’m still here!

As a substitute teacher, I find September to be an incredibly hard month to deal with.  I try to put my best foot forward and be the cutest quietest and most useful version of myself in a variety of schools, in the hopes that someone falls down some stairs or ends up with some horrid disease so that I may jump in and replace them.  Yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my career is based on the pain and suffering of others.  No luck this year so far… 

After dealing with the self-doubt and a hurt ego, I find myself feeling guilty for not blogging.  Despite the lack of typing and posting, there are a lot of projects going on: I’m painting cowboys for a wild west campaign as well as gangsters who are building up supplies of hootch (thank you very much Boardwalk Empire!); Modern US Marines and civilians for a zombie apocalypse; and a nagging desire to paint up some pulp heroes and nasty nazis to duke it out in a progressive campaign.

In reviewing my previous posts I decided I probably need a little help in the camera department (and the grammar department too, according to some).  So I’ve decided I will wrangle the brother-in-law’s camera and get some shots posted of my modular trench pieces for the trench raid game I tried out a few summers ago.  There, I’ve put it online, now I have to follow through with it–just like a compromising photo on Facebook–its out there forever.

About sethgw74

37 year old man obsessed with little plastic and metal men/women/orcs/goblins/ghosts/mice/tanks in modern/historical/futuristic settings. Attempts to roll dice to win a variety games and inevitably ends up rolling "1"s when he needs "6"s. View all posts by sethgw74

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