Random thought for the Week

Just finished the Game of Thrones TV series.  Currently reading the Game Of Thrones (okay, okay, listening to it on cd while I drive), and the Monday Night Game Guys are discussing doing a Game of Thrones RPG and I was thinking about characters.

Spoiler Alert for Game of Thrones

It seems like 3/4 of the main characters die in the first book alone, butcher boys, advisors, captain of the guard, knights, wet nurses, Lord Stark.  Wait a minute, Lord Stark?!?  Isn’t he the main character?  So in an RPG setting what chance would a regular character have to survive?  It seems like every type of fighter died (soldiers, knights, rangers, Lords of Kingdoms, horse-lords); advisors dropped like flies; even a dire wolf bites it.  So what kind of character should I play?  I figured it out: a cook!  Everybody eats a lot in the first book (lots of stews it seems) but it does not seem that any cook meets an unfortunate end.  I can only assume that everybody eats in the preceding books (that is, all the new characters that G. Martin creates since he killed most of the originals) so a cook should have a fairly good chance of surviving…

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