Hello World!

This blog thing seems to be sticking around, unlike HD DVD or Beta cassettes, so I guess I’ll finally jump on the bandwagon.  I’m pretty sure people don’t care what I’m thinking (or trending) right now; and my son is really cute, but I don’t think people will want to read about me droning on and on about it; so I think I’ll focus on gaming and painting and sharing my twisted views and ideas with the rest of the world (insert maniacal laughter here).

Be warned.  I have figured out how to post text.  Next will be photos.  After that I can’t be responsible for what happens.  

I know from personal experience looking at other people’s blogs has led me to ruminate about what I saw and liked, leading me to try it myself causing loss of sleep, finances, time and sanity.  I hope to inspire/torture others with this. Be warned, and enjoy.


About sethgw74

37 year old man obsessed with little plastic and metal men/women/orcs/goblins/ghosts/mice/tanks in modern/historical/futuristic settings. Attempts to roll dice to win a variety games and inevitably ends up rolling "1"s when he needs "6"s. View all posts by sethgw74

One response to “Hello World!

  • Rhonda Donaghy

    You have such a way with humour in your writing. I was even laughing out loud while I read. Keep it up, it was very interesting to know what you do on Monday and Friday nights even what you do when you sneak downstairs in the middle of the night. I look forward to your future writing

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